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All About Us

Chocolate Artworks came from humble beginnings back in 1990. I recall the first-time making chocolates; it was lollipop roses for my mother's retirement party. They were a big hit and making chocolates it just grew from there! With my background in teaching and my love for sweets it was the perfect fit for me to express my creative side. All our chocolate is made in small batches, artfully decorated, and made with the finest ingredients, using local ingredients, and Belgian chocolate whenever possible. We welcome chocolate lovers to experience Chocolate Artworks for themselves and taste the quality and freshness in all of our products. 

Thanks to our delicious chocolate shop on wheels, we’re able to party wherever you want. Enrich your next event with delicious chocolate. Chocolate Artworks offers personalized treats for special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, etc.

Chocolate Mix
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